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We Are Pure.

A Family-Owned Local Business


We take care of the small details and believe that each scent we create can bring peace and joy back into your home.

We believe in empowering our friends and family to live healthier lives without having to give up everyday luxuries. A fragrance can create a lasting memory, a peaceful home, and a calm mind. The added health benefits of our naturally scented products are just a bonus! In such a busy, overcomplicated world, we invite you to shop our products to bring simplicity and peace back into your everyday life. 

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The Pure Way

Toxin Free.

We pride ourselves on the hours spent curating every scent exclusively from IFRA certified clean oils. No artificial, toxin filled fragrances here! We only use the highest grade of phthalate, carcinogen, and mutagen free oils.  Many of our fragrances even have health benefits such as our calming lavender, energizing grapefruit, and sinus refreshing eucalyptus!


While many, more common candles are mass produced using cost cutting ingredients, we find that small batch products using luxury ingredients really creates a consistently amazing scent experience with every use. We even scent our products higher than the industry standard to ensure a luxuriously fragrant scent session with every use!

Healthier Alternatives.

We exclusively use organic, unrefined soy wax and cotton, lead free wicks. Many wax bases, such as paraffin, contain toxic chemicals that
can irritate the respiratory and endocrine/hormone systems with repeated exposure. Our candles also have longer burn times than more common candles due to the higher quality of the wax!

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